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For nearly a decade, the Aerospace and Defense Learning Institute (ADLI) has been the global leader in the development and sustainment of process-based knowledge for the Aviation, Space and Defense (AS&D) industry. Built and operated by some of the leading minds in our industry, the ADLI is uniquely positioned to offer comprehensive competency-based training and education for AS&D professionals.

In addition to providing structured training, based on the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) document 9941, we provide certification to AS&D industry trainers or training organizations who demonstrate competency and knowledge of key practices and who possess training materials that meet our scrutiny (ref. KMS 10001:2011). ADLI is also developing professional certifications for AS&D industry professionals, which will initially include various quality professions but will later add additional professions.

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The Aerospace and Defense Learning Institute (ADLI) is the global leader in the development and sustainment of process-based knowledge for the Aviation, Space & Defense (AS&D) industry.

The mission of the ADLI is to provide an accurate body of knowledge to the AS&D industry, in order to facilitate a relevant and efficient industrial workforce.

ADLI approved content undergoes a rigorous review to verify the content meets the ADLI AS&D BoK for which it claims relevance.

The AS&D Body of Knowledge

With the AS&D BoK as our guiding resource, we provide and approve competency-based training, certify trainers, who in turn further develop the competent and efficient professionals who break new ground in the AS&D industry every day.

The BoK is high on detail and is continually updated so that it contains the most relevant information possible. It is available in two versions.

The Narrative Version is a 28-page outline of the larger AS&D BoK, available as a free PDF electronic file download on our website. The Complete Version is a 424-page book that delves into business process in great detail to ensure high standards of professionalism and quality. Both documents are relied upon by industry stakeholders and protected by our Terms of Use and Copyright Provisions. These documents cannot be used by commercial training organizations without the expressed written consent of ADLI.

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