About ADLI

The ADLI imparts professional knowledge to aviation, space & defense professionals.

The ADLI imparts professional knowledge to aviation, space & defense professionals.

Leading from the front with intelligence…

The primary objective of the Aerospace and Defense Learning Institute (ADLI) is to identify and manage critical, professional knowledge elements within the global aviation, space and defense industry (AS&D) and ensure a competent professional development infrastructure exists.  ADLI develops and disseminates process-based knowledge through our AS&D Body of Knowledge (BoK), in accordance with the aerospace industry standards set by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) and consistent with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) document 9941.

Through its AS&D BoK and ADLI-approved training processes, the ADLI is a chief catalyst and an authoritative presence in developing and sustaining the AS&D workforce.  The AS&D industry employees over two million professionals globally and the need for structured knowledge transference is quickly accelerating.  Because the ADLI’s sole focus is the AS&D industry, we are able to deliver to these professionals the specific knowledge they need in order to properly execute their assigned work tasks.  The ADLI’s work facilitates a relevant and efficient industrial workforce based on competency-based standards of professionalism.

History and objectives of the ADLI

The ADLI was established in 2003. Since then, the ADLI has collaborated with professionals at all levels of the AS&D industry to develop our dynamic AS&D Body of Knowledge, which establishes and identifies the requirements for competency-based knowledge based on the business processes of the industry.

Using process-based ontological engineering techniques, ADLI identifies and aligns actual work process with professional knowledge requirements. This methodology removes the guesswork from identifying what a professional workforce needs to know in order to effectively and efficiently accomplish the work of the industry. It also eliminates waste by not focusing on knowledge areas that provide little or no value to the profession.

As the developer and custodian of the AS&D Body of Knowledge, ADLI offers training and certifies qualified training providers, instructors and content to ensure learning aligns with the AS&D BoK and meets the expectations of the industry. It’s through these ADLI-approved training providers that validated professional knowledge is disseminated to industry professionals. Process-based training mechanisms enhance and sustain a professionally capable AS&D industry.

Additionally, the ADLI is preparing to roll out a comprehensive certification and learning opportunities program for quality professionals. Third-party training providers are encouraged to contact the ADLI to integrate their offerings into the AS&D industry’s BoK structure as ADLI-approved trainers.

What makes ADLI a knowledge leader in the AS&D industry?

The ADLI will only approve trainers and training organizations to disseminate validated professional knowledge if they meet the standards established by the ADLI and ensure content is in compliance with the AS&D BoK.  Training materials and delivery methods, in addition to the trainers themselves, must both meet ADLI’s standards of qualification.

The ADLI’s leadership team has decades of experience in the AS&D industry, professional education and other associated fields, so we understand the professional knowledge that is needed to thrive as an aviation, space or defense professional.  The ADLI is an authoritative voice for professional knowledge and the preferred source of AS&D knowledge in part because of the breadth of relevant information contained within the AS&D BoK.

Our experience makes us uniquely qualified to include the full spectrum of information needed in the BoK. Furthermore, given that AS&D industry processes are constantly in flux, the AS&D BoK must have a degree of fluidity that can only be achieved through being maintained by the most knowledgeable professionals in the industry measured against the actual work of the industry.

The ADLI has the experience and resources to be considered a leader in the AS&D industry.