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Study: Advertising agencies cannot find employees with qualified training

Marketers cannot find enough digital-savvy candidates.

Marketers cannot find enough digital-savvy candidates.

The internet continues to serve as a driving force for many work sectors, but it is also the source of ongoing worker shortages. In the advertising industry specifically, many companies are having a hard time finding candidates that meet all of their requirements, according to AdWeek.

"Across brands and agencies alike, there's insufficient focus on grooming talent, training and formally assessing skills," AdWeek contributor Lucia Moses wrote.

Based on a study from the Online Marketing Institute, about 71 percent of participants said that they feel digital marketing efforts are strong in some places, but lackluster in others. Responses come from many advertising executives and Fortune 500 organizations.

Because of this shortage, there may be a great opportunity for job seekers. Although many marketing firms and agencies are seeking someone with three to five years experience, those who have enough knowledge of software, especially analytics, have a higher chance of landing a job.

Support from approved training providers can be a great advantage here, seeing how more than three-quarters of respondents need someone who can read data and similar reports. More than one third of these businesses are unsure how to identify top talent in digital marketing, which is an emerging job sector.

Even though it is always valuable to find ways to stand out against the competition, this will be increasingly valuable to advertising agencies. The best part is, once candidates hone in on their skills during the interview process, they are likely in for the long haul — seeing how only 10 percent of marketers reported that they test the extent of their new hire's knowledge. 

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