Our Mission - ADLI

Our Mission

ADLI is a leading resource for the aviation, space and defense industry

ADLI is a leading resource for the aviation, space and defense industry

What do you need to know to satisfy the requirements of your job?

Ultimately, that is the question ADLI seeks to answer for professionals in the AS&D industry. Having curated key knowledge requirements and identified the most valuable information professionals in this sector need to perform daily tasks, the ADLI has developed a definitive resource to help individuals understand crucial and practical work processes.

Our overarching aim is to facilitate an efficient and relevant workforce for stakeholders in the AS&D industry. To accomplish this goal, we have developed the BoK, which is recognized by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) as the definitive resource for Quality knowledge within this sector. And, ADLI has developed certification processes to strengthen the transference of BoK information into becoming professional knowledge.

Our Story

ADLI is an industry-focused organization, with global support from AS&D professionals and organizations. ADLI lends its collective voice to discussions regarding industry standards and best practices with the aim of maintaining a competent industry workforce. In the early 2000s, dozens of AS&D professionals leveraged their passion for quality, consistency, efficiency and safety by volunteering to contribute to the ADLI AS&D Body of Knowledge (BoK).  Their goal was to develop an accepted, validated and freely available resource that comprises the requisite knowledge professionals in the AS&D industry needed to know to get the work of the industry done correctly.

The result was The Standard of Knowledge for the Aviation, Space & Defense Industry Quality Practitioner: The AS&D Quality Body of Knowledge (BoK) Version 1, a comprehensive compendium of industry knowledge that establishes and identifies the Quality knowledge requirements of the AS&D industry.  Today, AS&D trainers and training organizations turn to ADLI for professional certification based on the BoK. Trainers, their educational content and training delivery methods must be reviewed, validated and approved by the ALDI to achieve certification, a distinction that demonstrates their competence, quality and compliance to the AS&D BoK.