The Role of AS&D Professionals - ADLI

The Role of AS&D Professionals

ADLI is a leader within the AS&D industry, providing process-based training and access to certified instructors.

ADLI is a leader within the AS&D industry, providing process-based training and access to certified instructors.

The AS&D industry is designed and constructed around laws, regulations, rules, policies, industry standards, best practices, customer requirements, and various other authoritative requirements. At the organizational level, systems are developed to ensure compliance to requirements and conformity of safe products. The role of an AS&D professional is to understand relevant requirements and their responsibilities within the system, apply their skills and knowledge to meet requirements, and to understand the consequences of system and/or product failure. With these responsibilities, the AS&D professional must also have a sense of personal warrantee. If a professional is responsible for a process or tasks within a process, they own it. Without the AS&D professional, the system is static.

At ADLI, we value our role as subject-matter-experts and educators to the AS&D community of professionals, through our process-based professional Body of Knowledge (BoK). The ADLI AS&D BoK has been developed by process mapping AS&D industry work, describing processes, identifying tasks, and quantifying the requisite knowledge. Our BoK is directly relevant to the work of the global AS&D industry and is maintained though constant reapplication of the process mapping process. The objective is maintain a relevant BoK that is accessible and relevant to AS&D professionals.

ADLI is here to identify, manage and help others gain professional knowledge in ways that encourage growth. Professionals in AS&D industries know that there will always be challenges with keeping up with changes in regulation, technology, and best practices, but they have the ADLI on their side to facilitate learning and compliance.

In addition to the ADLI AS&D BoK, ADLI provides a variety of process-based training programs that helps professionals make an impact within the industry. This training can be completely self-pace web-based, blended learning, or classroom.

As the current and future generations of AS&D professionals move through the workforce, each will do their part to contribute to their national economy. For example, in the United States’ economy, civil aviation alone accounts for $1.1 trillion out of the U.S.’s $15 trillion in GDP. Globally, more than 2 million professionals make up the AS&D professional community. With such a global community, it is imperative that there is a single standard for AS&D professionalism – that is the ADLI AS&D BoK. And, training must ensure knowledge transference of what professionals need to know to get the job done.

Trainers and programs that wish to work with the ADLI must have extensive knowledge on AS&D standards and the AS&D BoK. These requirements are established to ensure that each professional receiving training and/or certification through the ADLI system are receiving the most relevant and accurate training possible.

As a leader in the AS&D industry, many organizations look to the ADLI and the ADLI AS&D BoK as the standard for professional knowledge and professional certification. The professionals who manage the ADLI processes have decades of experience and we know that the best way people succeed is through relevant process-based training. Each certification program requires extensive hands-on experience, and includes a comprehensive examinations to verify certified AS&D professionals know what they need to know regardless of where they are located.

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