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ADLI-approved training for the aerospace and defense industry

With standards for quality and safety high, stakeholders in the aviation, space and defense industry require clear direction on how to execute on expectations

With standards for quality and safety high, stakeholders in the aviation, space and defense industry require clear direction on how to execute on expectations

The products and services delivered by manufacturers, engineers, maintenance organizations, operators and other businesses in the aviation, space and defense (AS&D) industry are held to a high expectation of quality and safety by standards bodies, regulators and customers.  To fulfill this expectation, professionals need to pay increased attention to fine details for the work they are responsible.

Such rigorous scrutiny can only be applied if AS&D industry stakeholders have the requisite knowledge to execute their assigned work tasks.  The Aerospace and Defense Learning Institute (ALDI) is a certifying body that validates the competency and capability of trainers and training organizations to impart competency-based training to the AS&D industry.

Our aim is to ensure professionals at all levels of the aviation, space and defense industry are properly educated and sufficiently prepared to conduct their assigned work tasks.  ADLI also facilitates the internal development within organizations by assisting human resource professionals manage their unique training needs.  We accomplish this via operational analysis of the organization’s business process and ensuring training content and delivery meet the actual work of the organization.




How ADLI-approved training differs from other available training programs

As the leading Quality standards body for the aerospace and defense industry, the IAQG’s word carries significant weight. The IAQG identifies and defines Quality best practices and quality requirements by which AS&D organizations must adhere to ensure compliance and high quality workmanship. ADLI has taken this guidance to the next step, developing the methods and processes by which AS&D organizations execute on IAQG standards.

As an agency of the United Nations, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) provides a means to secure international co-operation an highest possible degree of uniformity in regulations and standards, procedures and organization regarding civil aviation matters.  To further the global standardization of training content, ICAO provided document 9941, requiring a structured approach to training development and delivery, including validation.  ADLI employs the ICAO document 9941 as its guide for standardized training development and ensures content it approves is compliant and relevant.

Our Quality Body of Knowledge is a compendium of these global processes, and its level of detail and extensive information has earned the industry’s confidence. The IAQG  acknowledges the ADLI AS&D quality engineering Body of Knowledge as the recognized industry resource for knowledge content, and this stamp of approval assures aviation, space and defense professionals who turn to ADLI-approved resources enjoy the most thorough and relevant education available.

Trainers who develop education materials and delivery methods that meet ADLI’s scrutiny may be able to secure credentials as an ADLI-approved training provider. This distinction communicates a commitment to industry best practices and rigorous training methodology.

Frequently asked questions

What is the ADLI-approved AS&D training process?

To become an ADLI-approved training provider, participants must submit their training content and procedures to ADLI for review. We analyze each applicant’s materials to ensure the content meets the standards defined in the AS&D BoK.

We also evaluate the individuals who conduct the training through a peer review process that seeks to challenge their familiarity with knowledge of the subjects for which they provide instruction. Only after both the training content, training delivery methods and the trainer have been approved can training be recognized as ADLI-approved.

Does ALDI provide training?

Yes. ADLI provides general training on course development and training delivery and may offer other professional development training opportunities.  However, its primary focus is to provide the standards and best practices against which the merits of competency-based training are measured.  You can find all of the ADLI training courses listed on the training site by clicking Here, or  visit

Where can I find ADLI-approved training providers?

Any individual or organization can achieve ADLI training certification if its content, delivery methods and the trainer pass our review. A list of these individuals, organizations, and ADLI-approved courses is available at our website, at the following link. An “ADLI-approved” logo may also be found on the training provider’s marketing materials, though the veracity of this claim should be checked by visiting our website and reviewing our list of ADLI-approved providers.

Can my business apply to become an ADLI-approved training provider?

Yes. ADLI accepts applications without geographical limitations from any individual or organization that is able to demonstrate the knowledge and practical experience needed to conduct aviation, space and defense industry training based on the ADLI AS&D BoK.  However, keep in mind that courses are individually approved.

Review our application process here and determine which aspects of the AS&D BoK are most relevant to your training content, then complete and submit an application. Not all applications are approved the first or even second time they are submitted. In addition, ADLI approval is not indefinite and must be renewed periodically.