ADLI AS&D Body of Knowledge

There are two versions of the BoK:
  • Narrative Version: A general, 28-page outline of the ADLI AS&D Quality BoK, available free for download as a PDF electronic file, contingent upon all Terms of Use and Copyright provisions being met.
  • Complete Version: A detailed, 424-page book that explains each business process within the AS&D lifestyle, related to Quality. The complete ADLI AS&D Quality BoK also provides detailed descriptions of the tasks associated with the business processes and analysis of requisite knowledge at the task level, using Bloom’s taxonomy. To identify AS&D Quality professions, tasks are assigned to Quality professions, making the document a standard of global professionalism. As with the Narrative Version, Terms of Use and Copyright provisions must be followed, and commercial training organizations shall not use ADLI intellectual property without the expressed written consent of ADLI.
What is contained in the BoK?

Within the AS&D Quality BoK, relevant AS&D business processes are identified broken down into knowledge elements, depth of knowledge and type of knowledge. To align with the evolving demands of the AS&D industry, the BoK has always been envisioned as a dynamic, highly detailed document – industry work practices are constantly improved upon and replaced as necessary.

Using the BoK for training purposes

Ultimately, the BoK is far more than a standardized industry resource. It is through the AS&D competency-based standards laid out in the AS&D BoK that the ADLI is able to certify training providers, instructors, content, and professionals. To become an ADLI-approved training provider, participants must submit their training content and procedures to ADLI for a comprehensive review. We certify applicants and materials after evaluation to ensure they fully meet the standards of ADLI and the knowledge requirements of the AS&D BoK.

ADLI BoKThe ADLI constantly updates and expands AS&D industry knowledge standards and the AS&D BoK. Because the AS&D BoK has been constructed upon the wisdom and participation of AS&D industry professionals and industrial research, and will continue to grow in the same manner, it will never become outdated and will remain relevant.

The ADLI’s subject matter expertise and structured research methods allows it to understand requisite knowledge for working in the AS&D industry, as well as where this information can be accessed. The ADLI also has unparalleled access to industry professionals and is willing to adapt its BoK to the needs of the industry – all are reasons why these standards are so highly regarded.

It is through competent trainers and relevant educational materials that the ADLI helps AS&D professionals understand the work of their profession.

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