Topic outline



    Knowledge Category: {COURSE_FIELD_knowledge}

    Functional Discipline: {COURSE_FIELD_discipline}

    ADLI Scale: {COURSE_FIELD_scale}

    Process: {COURSE_FIELD_processtitle}

    Process Purpose: 

    To understand the present and potential state of production/servicing capacity to ensure the production base has the capacity to produce/service to the requirements of the customer/program.

    Supplier Emphasis: 

    To assess and understand the production/ servicing capacity of the supplier and partner base and to ensure it has the capacity to produce/deliver to the stated requirements of the customer/program. This includes logistics considerations (e.g., transport of goods and materials and export considerations).

    Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

    Detailed understanding of desired product/service requirements. Ability to determine the organization's capacity to deliver the required products/services given production resources and constraints. Ability to elicit detailed information from the organization. Planning/scheduling capability.