Topic outline



    Knowledge Category: {COURSE_FIELD_knowledge}

    Functional Discipline: {COURSE_FIELD_discipline}

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    Process: {COURSE_FIELD_processtitle}

    Process Purpose: 

    As Computer Produced Designs (CPD) are created, such must be transferable into production and inspection protocol. Ensure such protocol is validated and controlled through all lifecycle aspects.

    Supplier Emphasis:

    Ensure computer file transmission is capable into supplier/partner base and that it is controlled. Ensure suppliers/partners are capable in utilization of compatible CPD tools and techniques.

    Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

    Ability to understand the application of CPD systems as they relate to the program. Ability to identify risks associated with CPD deployment in the value-stream. Ability to verify that CPD data transfer process are capable and controlled. Understanding of CPD interfaces to production and inspection processes. Ability to evaluate the capability of CPD tools. Ability to identify issues related to usage of different CPD tools within the value-stream. Ability to assess value-stream integration capability with production and inspection processes. Ability to organize, document, store and integrate findings into the requirements hierarchy using a requirements management tool.