Topic outline

  • Task: DP040-003


    Knowledge Category: III.B.1. Workmanship Standards

    Functional Discipline: Quality

    ADLI Scale: III.B.1.

    Process: Determine Material Control Laboratory (MCL) Requirements

    Process Purpose: 

    Review engineering, process, and production requirements and establish the appropriate material control requirements for laboratory review. This may include destructive and non-destructive evaluation.

    Supplier Emphasis:

    To the extent suppliers/partners are responsible for design work, ensure they determine the appropriate MCL requirements and submit such for approval.

    Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

    Ability to review applicable design and program planning documents and identify material control requirements which require validation, verification, certification, and control. Ability to research industry resource libraries to analyze potential options available in the execution of production processes and control of materials. Ability to assess the defined value-stream and identify material control considerations. Ability to organize, document, store and integrate into the requirements hierarchy using a requirements management tool.