Topic outline

  • Task: SS045-001

    Supplier Selection

    Knowledge Category: IV.K.5. Pre-Award/Post-Award Evaluations

    Functional Discipline: Quality

    ADLI Scale: IV.K.5.

    Process: Determine Supplier Capability (Assess Who has Capability)

    Process Purpose: 

    To understand where technical capability resides in the supplier/partner base. For existing suppliers/partners, past performance may demonstrate capability. For new suppliers/partners there should be some objective evidence established to demonstrate technical capability as it relates to the design and production requirements.

    Supplier Emphasis: 

    To the extent a supplier/partner intends on outsourcing part or all of stated work, they perform an assessment to determine which sub-tier suppliers are technically capable of accepting work.

    Knowledge and Skills Requirements: 

    Ability to assess the capability of work scope execution in the supplier/partner base. Ability to review various data inputs to determine supplier/partner capability. Ability to document the results of supplier/partner work scope capability assessments.