Topic outline


    Supplier Selection

    Knowledge Category: {COURSE_FIELD_knowledge}

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    Process: {COURSE_FIELD_processtitle}

    Process Purpose: 

    To understand where production/servicing capacity resides in the supplier/partner base. This requires recent assessment of supplier/partner workload and an accurate understanding of their total production capacity.

    Supplier Emphasis: 

    To the extent a supplier/partner intends to outsource work to sub-tiers, it must be understood their capability and capacity to oversee the performance of sub-tier suppliers.

    Knowledge and Skills Requirements: 

    Ability to assess the production/servicing capacity in the supplier/partner base. Ability to review various data inputs to determine supplier/partner capacity. Ability to determine the effects of material shortages on production/serving capacity. Ability to determine the effects of additional work load in the supplier/partner base on overall capacity. Ability to document the results of supplier/partner work scope capacity assessments.