Topic outline

  • Task: SS105-002

    Supplier Selection

    Knowledge Category: IV.D.2. Destructive and Nondestructive Tests

    Functional Discipline: Quality

    ADLI Scale: IV.D.2.

    Process: Perform Special Process and/or NDT Evaluations

    Process Purpose: 

    When special processes and/or nondestructive testing is to be performed within the supplier/partner base, such shall be evaluated to the applicable specifications and standards to ensure capability and compliance. These evaluations will include review of people, process and equipment.

    Supplier Emphasis: 

    Review may include existing Nadcap certifications, other prime approvals, and FAA/EASA/NAA (other regulatory authority) approvals. As applicable, evaluation shall ensure capability and compliance at all points where the processing is performed, including at sub-tier locations.

    Knowledge and Skills Requirements: 

    Ability to define the scope of evaluation to determine the compliance, capability, and capacity of supplier's/partner's controls for special processes and/or nondestructive testing. Understanding of applicable industry standards for special processes and nondestructive testing. Understanding of regulatory requirements related to special processes and nondestructive testing. Ability to perform evaluation of supplier/partner special processes and nondestructive testing to determine compliance, capability, and capacity. Ability to identify and document risks associated with noncompliance, capability concerns, and capacity constraints found during evaluation at supplier/partner facilities. Ability to document evaluation results.