Topic outline

  • Task: SS120-001

    Supplier Selection

    Knowledge Category: IV.K.10. Risk Based Acquisition Management

    Functional Discipline: Quality

    ADLI Scale: IV.K.10.

    Process: Determine Oversight Resources Needs and Plan Surveillance

    Process Purpose: 

    To understand the on-going surveillance support resource requirements to sustain the outsourcing to suppliers/partners.

    Supplier Emphasis: 

    Based on supplier's design, and production maturity, oversight resource needs may vary. Need to understand differences in regional and international influences on required oversight resources and practices. To the extent suppliers/partners outsource given work, they must ensure they have adequate resources to oversee their suppliers.

    Knowledge and Skills Requirements: 

    Based on supplier's design and production maturity, and oversight requirements, ability to evaluate and identify personnel resource requirements to support outsourcing. Ability to assess the capability of suppliers/partners to ensure they have adequate resources to oversee their suppliers. Ability to document results of resource analysis in terms that can be used for effective program management. Ability to understand how regional and international (cultural) influences that may affect oversight practices.