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What is the ADLI-approved AS&D training process?

Does ALDI provide training?

Where can I find ADLI-approved training providers?

Can my business apply to become an ADLI-approved training provider?

As the leading Quality standards body for the aerospace and defense industry, the IAQG’s word carries significant weight. The IAQG identifies and defines Quality best practices and quality requirements by which AS&D organizations must adhere to ensure compliance and high quality workmanship. ADLI has taken this guidance to the next step, developing the methods and processes by which AS&D organizations execute on IAQG standards.

ADLI trainingAs an agency of the United Nations, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) provides a means to secure international co-operation an highest possible degree of uniformity in regulations and standards, procedures and organization regarding civil aviation matters. To further the global standardization of training content, ICAO provided document 9941, requiring a structured approach to training development and delivery, including validation. ADLI employs the ICAO document 9941 as its guide for standardized training development and ensures content it approves is compliant and relevant.

Our Quality Body of Knowledge is a compendium of these global processes, and its level of detail and extensive information has earned the industry’s confidence. The IAQG acknowledges the ADLI AS&D quality engineering Body of Knowledge as the recognized industry resource for knowledge content, and this stamp of approval assures aviation, space and defense professionals who turn to ADLI-approved resources enjoy the most thorough and relevant education available.

Trainers who develop education materials and delivery methods that meet ADLI’s scrutiny may be able to secure credentials as an ADLI-approved training provider. This distinction communicates a commitment to industry best practices and rigorous training methodology.

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