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The Standard of Knowledge for the Aviation, Space & Defense Industry Quality Practitioner: The AS&D Quality Body of Knowledge (BoK) Version 1 by Michael J. Dreikorn, Ed.D.

The AS&D Body of Knowledge (BoK) is the definitive digest for professionals who need to know how to perform work tasks while satisfying industry-mandated standards of quality. Supported by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) as the industry’s leading resource for the execution of global standards established by IAQG, the BoK is a must-have for AS&D trainers and organizations.

At 424 pages, the book offers detailed guidance for business processes within the industry and describes the methodology with which these processes were developed.

The Synergy of One: Creating High-Performing Sustainable Organizations through Integrated Performance Leadership by Michael J. Dreikorn, Ed.D.

What leads to process errors and inefficiency? In “The Synergy of One”, Michael J. Dreikorn, President of the ADLI, argues that ineffective leaders inhibit their company’s ability to grow and improve productivity.

He provides guidance on the best ways to build an integrated system that incorporates resources, accountability, culture, understanding and leadership into one synergistic formula that will help drive consistent success.

Knowledge Management Standard (KMS) 10001:2011 – Development and Sustainment of Process-Based Ontological Engineering based Bodies of Knowledge from The Center for Professional Knowledge

Every industry relies on the skills of competent professionals to accomplish critical tasks and ensure the success of key processes, but standardization is required to establish predictable methodologies and expectations.

In this book, The Center for Professional Knowledge defines a standardized methodology for the development and sustainment of process-based bodies of knowledge, which in turn provide resources for the communication of industry best practices.

ADLI-Q001:2011 – The Aviation, Space and Defense Industry Quality Body of Knowledge (BoK) – General Narrative of the AS&D Quality Profession from The Aerospace and Defense Industry Learning Institute

The Narrative version of the AS&D BoK provides the top-level narrative definition of the knowledge requirements for Quality practitioners in the industry. It does not provide task- or profession-specific knowledge requirements to the level of specificity found in the Quality BoK.

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